Land Available Near Musgrove Plantation is Rare Opportunity

Land Available Near Musgrove Plantation is Rare Opportunity - article image

Musgrove Plantation on St. Simon?s Island was named after Mary Musgrove. She and her husband were substantial landowners during their time before the settlement of Georgia. She was of English and Indian decent and knew both of their ways well, making her a success in the trading post business she and her English husband built. You can read more about Mary?s history and involvement in settling Georgia here.  

Today, the 1200 acre plantation is used for events such as weddings, family gatherings, and corporate events. It is a venue used and enjoyed by many. With it?s beautifully moss draped oak trees and meticulously manicured lawns and gardens the Musgrove Plantation is a must see. The waterfront vistas have to be experienced. 

One of our properties in Township Bluff offers a rare opportunity to own a piece of land right on the backside of this plantation. It continues the moss draped theme and offers a beautiful, peaceful view. And because the vast 1200 acre Musgrove Plantation sits at the back of this lot, it offers privacy that you might not expect in this community. 

It?s a great place to plan a vacation or retirement home. We would love to show you this gorgeous piece of property and answer any questions you might have about owning something of this caliber. Don?t wait too long. This is a rare opportunity to own such a fine jewel.

Beautiful Lot in Township Bluff on St Simons Island

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