Life on the Farm, Farmland Investments Offer Great Returns

 Life on the Farm, Farmland Investments Offer Great Returns - article image

Growing up on a farm brought much joy and happiness. I often spent time with the farm animals which took me to my happy place. We would visit the cows and pigs and feed the chickens. We would name them and love them and for the longest we never knew that we ate them. My daddy has memories of me telling him ?the piggies are smiling at me?.  It was true, piggies have a perpetual smile and I still think they smile at me. I remember occasionally we would have to bottle feed calves which was amazing to my little six year old mind. There was one cow my daddy bought at a sale. His name was Budweiser. The story was that the previous owner actually gave him Budweiser to drink. I don?t know if that was actually true, but if it was that poor cow probably went through some bad withdrawals because he didn?t get Budweiser on our farm. Our friends that came to visit would often talk about how badly it stunk around our house, but to me it smelled like home. We had cows as long as I can remember and I just didn?t know there was a smell until later in life when I left for college and came back home? yep, I finally understood. But it still smelled like home to me and I often miss having those animals in my back yard.

Those memories are great and I love to revisit them. But there are other memories too. Memories of all the work and sweat and tears and griping. My mama and daddy let us enjoy farm life but they made us work on it too. While my daddy was a small farmer he planted enough for two or three neighborhoods. We broke corn, picked beans and okra and squash and tomatoes. As if that wasn?t enough we had to clean them, cut them, blanch them, and can them, too. As a kid those were tough times, working out in the heat was no picnic. Brushing and creaming corn for days on end was back breaking work. Bending over bean plants and okra was the worst. But today I?m thankful. Thankful that my parents taught me the value of hard work. Thankful they didn?t give in to all my whining and crying and made me do it anyway. Looking back those were some of the best memories of me and my family spending time together. It taught us teamwork, time management, persistence, and communication skills. The discipline of hard work and the merit of being involved in creating our food supply is something that I will always cherish.

It?s something that many children today do not experience, including my own. I was just speaking to my husband the other day about wanting to plant a small garden just so we can expose our kids to these same disciplines and allow them to know the joy of working for their food, literally. I want just a small one, something we can manage as a family in our spare time each week - because we all have tons of spare time, right?  But it will be something to bring us together and create those family moments that the kids can cherish in their adulthood. Of course, I know better than to think they will do it joyfully. But some lessons come through the hard things in life! 

Farmland is a great investment. Maybe you are interested in becoming a farmer. You want to plant your own crops and harvest your own food. You want to create disciplines and memories for your children. Or maybe you want to plant for the neighborhood like my dad did and sell your produce at Farmer?s Markets. Other options would include leasing your farmland which would let you live on the land and have someone else work it for you. Whichever option works for you, it may be time to look into this type of investment. Many investors are buying up farmland. It has a great return on investment with it?s various income producing possibilities. According to Business Insider, over the past 10 years the average annual return is 16.92%. They also tell us that ?farmland has been referred to by some as ?gold with a coupon.?? This might be a great time to look at the available farmland around so that you can sink some of those investment dollars into this tangible asset. 

Here are a few of our listings for Farmland: 

25 Acres Glynn County

55 Acres Tattnall County

31 Acres in Odum GA

100 Acre Farm in Vidalia GA

177 Acres in Brantley County

Let us know if you have questions about investing in farmland. We would love to help you move forward in this investment for your future and your family. If we don't have something listed that will meet your needs, let us know that too. Tell us what you want and we will help you find it. Matching the right buyer with the right land is what we do. 

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