The Aura, Salty Breezes and Beautiful Landscapes of Coastal Georgia

The Aura, Salty Breezes and Beautiful Landscapes of Coastal Georgia - article image

Coast is defined as ?the part of the land near the sea; the edge of the land." While our hometown of Jesup isn't considered to be part of the coast, we live quite near a few of them. Within an hour or two drive you have places like St Marys, Brunswick, St Simons Island, Jekyll, Tybee Island and Sapelo Island to name a few. Coastal areas are known for their laid back aura, salty breezes and beautiful landscapes. Which brings me to a recent article published by The Bitter Southerner. The author/photographer does a splendid job of documenting some wonderful coastal landscapes on the coastal shores of St Simons, Sapelo Island and other popular coastal locations. If you?d like to see Benjamin Galland's work you can see the article here, Georgia Has a Coast? These are beautiful works of art from a fresh perspective that greatly represents the beauty of the coast!

Though not at all from the same perspective as Mr. Galland?s work, our drone has captured quite a few beautiful vistas from some coastal properties we have had or currently have on the market.  

Hird Island Tracts

St Simons Island Beach

It?s amazing how drones have certainly changed our perspective with aerial photography. While we use it to showcase some of our properties, it can definitely be a work of art as Mr. Galland has shown us. 

If you are interested in some of our coastal properties, check out these links.

Coastal Land and Lots

Coastal Homes

If you have any interest in selling your properties, get in touch. You can visit the SELL tab on this site to see our current listings and what we have sold in the past year. Take a look at what makes us unique, what to expect and how to get started with listing your property. We just may be able to get some beautiful aerial shots of your property should we partner with you in selling it.

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