Wetlands and What They Mean for Investors

Wetlands and What They Mean for Investors - article image
My last article touched on the benefits of owning property that's "high and dry". You can see that article here. So today I wanted to flip the coin and talk about what it means when you own or desire to invest in wetlands. Wetlands are defined as you would expect. It's land that has a spongy soil, marsh, lots of water... it's that transitional ground between water and land. 

I know, wetlands is a wordy durd in the real estate world, but the fact remains that it's still out there and it's not all bad when you own some of it. Wetlands are quite necessary to our ecosystem. Whether you want to invest in wetlands really just boils down to what you want to do with your piece of dirt. If your intent is to build the next best subdivision around, then investing in wetlands probably isn't for you. However, if you want to invest for conservation, hunting, fishing, hiking, or just a place with some peace and quiet, then maybe you need to look at some of the benefits of owning wetland. 

In my research for some up-to-date information concerning wetlands I came across a few videos that go into what Wetlands actually are, their categories, and some of the pros and cons of owning wetland.

The first is called the Wetland Biome. Click here to view it. This is a short, concise, and entertaining video discussing how wetlands are defined and categorized. They also discuss vegetation and ways to preserve and save wetlands.

The second video is a vlog post by ReThink Rural. View it here. I thought they hit on exactly what I wanted to share with you today about some of the positive reasons to own wetlands. 

In summary, I hope you have found some insight into wetlands and how they can benefit us. My goal is to translate to you today that wetlands are not wastelands. They are beautiful with their many species of plant and wildlife. They are necessary for our environment and well being of animals living there. Bottom line, wetlands are IMPORTANT. And the best part is definitely that they are maintenance free! So when looking for that next land investment you may want to consider investing in wetlands. There is more there than meets the eye! Here is a link to some wetlands we have available. 

Wetlands for Sale

Just for fun I'm linking to this video by Kenneth Kramm, Wetland Wildlife at Brazos Bend State Park, Tx, USAIt's a short video showing the beauty in this wetland from sun up to sun down. Enjoy!

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