What does High & Dry Mean in Land Sales?

What does High & Dry Mean in Land Sales? - article image
I looked up the term and found several definitions of "high and dry". It's a term most frequently meaning "left out in the cold" or "left without any mean of help". Nautically it could mean you docked your boat too close to shore during the high tide and when the waters recede you are stuck on land instead of peacefully floating in the waters. But what does this mean for land investors?

I polled one of our resident land agents to ask his opinion of high and dry land. He said, "There's a whole lot more pluses than negatives!" With land that holds some water during the wet season you have issues with erosion and nutrients in the soil being washed away. That's not an issue with high and dry land. It's usually sandy soil. But there is so much that can be done with this type of land and its usually much more preferred to land that holds onto water. Many land investors who are looking at building subdivisions prefer this type of land because it's easier to maintain, build on, and less fear of erosion and settling which is a problem on wetter lands. 

High and Dry land is usually preferred by those who have livestock. When hooved animals stand in wet dirt all day it can cause a myriad of problems ranging from lost shoes, thrush, white line disease, and abscesses to name a few. Over time these problems can be costly and affect the animals productivity. You definitely want your pastureland to drain well in order to keep your livestock's feet in good condition.

This type of land will also grow good crops, however, it will need to be watered well in order for this to happen. Some may see this as one of those negatives, but it's an easy fix with an irrigation system installed. 

Overall, there is just a lot less to do when making a homesite on this type of land. It percolates well and usually has no problem passing the percolation tests required by inspectors. This land also usually has very good well water because it drains well. 

We have several properties listed as high and dry. There aren't many in this area because it's true, when it rains here, well, it rains. Sometimes days on end. This can create problems in lower areas because the water can't drain as quickly. But these high and dry properties will remain dry and offers benefits that are worth considering when purchasing a piece of property. Click on the links below to see some of our high and dry property. There's more so look around and give us a call to help you find the property that most fits your needs!

Beautiful High and Dry Land
Penholloway Lots
Longhorn Road Tract 
27.03 Acres With Great Location
55 Acres of Beautiful Pastureland
213 Versatile Acres Screven, GA
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OMG! I didn't know that dry land can be a great option for food production as well. My uncle wants to relocate his orchard to another place the existing one was hit by a flood last month. I'll share this article with him so he'll know which land to search for later.
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I loved it when you said that High and Dry land is usually preferred by those who have livestock. We are planning to move to a new house before the end of the year. We are looking for the best land sales agency in town. We will also ask for referrals from friends.
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This land area needs to be divided into lots so it is best to go to a luxury apartment.
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Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing.

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