Looking for a Piece of Heaven Here on Earth...

Looking for a Piece of Heaven Here on Earth... - article image

Recreational properties are making a comeback. Possibly it?s a rise in the real estate market and a decrease in the uncertainty that tainted many economic decisions. Whatever the reason, many are finding themselves in the market again for recreational tracts.

 Recreational properties are defined as land used for extra curricular activities such as hunting, fishing, riding ATVs, weekend getaways, or any number of recreational oriented activities. Many are making the purchase of their recreational property a family affair. Parents want a place to get away with their kids to uproot them from whichever screen they have become attached to. They want to provide a safe place for them to venture outdoors and become more active. There also seems to be a rise in parents and adult children co-owning property and having a place for the family to come together and enjoy activities and getaway from daily routine occasionally.

 Carter Group offers many tracts that would be great for your recreational needs. You will find many already have food plots, selective clearing, and natural stands that provide wildlife covering. We also have tracts that would be great for your ATV adventures and some with ponds or river frontage that would be the perfect fishing getaway! See the links below or visit our website and search for your perfect piece of land! Make it your home away from home, your piece of heaven, your place to make family memories that will last forever! 

Perfect 46 Acre Recreational Tract

Scrub Island Tract

Camp Branch Road

Suwanoochee Creek

18 Acres with Eye Appeal

25 Acres with Cabin & Pond

There are many more on the website, both large and small tracts! When you find something you would like more information on please give us a call or call the agent listed! We look forward to doing business with you!

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