Is Living Off the Grid on Your Bucket List?

Is Living Off the Grid on Your Bucket List? - article image

It?s becoming a common item on bucket lists everywhere. Many are choosing to live off the grid and use natural resources. By living ?off the grid? we mean there is no connection to the ?power grid? But it?s more than no electricity. It really means no more public utilities like water, gas, electricity, etc. They choose instead to use solar power and rain cisterns to harvest water. Finding sustainable energy is key and solar panels or windmills usually achieve this.

 Most people choose to live off the grid because they want to live greener lives and leave less of a carbon footprint. Others choose it because they are tired of the utility bills that sneak in their wallet and drain it. Whatever the reason, it takes dedication and commitment to living this way. It probably won?t happen all at once, but with dedication one can learn more about living green and finding alternative energy and changing their lifestyle to responsibly use the energy one does find.

 One thing is certain. If you do live off the grid you will need some acreage to do it. You will want space for your free-range chickens and a coup to harvest your eggs. You may even want some space for hunting wild game. A river or pond would be nice so you could fish up some of your protein and maybe even bathe in warmer weather! And let's not forget space for cultivating your very own food! We have several properties that could fit these criteria and would be the perfect haven for you to finally fulfill your dream of living off the grid. Click the links for more information and give us a call when you?re ready to go have a look!

25 Acres with Cabin & Pond

75 Riverfront Acres

54 Acres, Hunting Paradise

11 Acre Wooded Homesite

23 Acre Mini Farm

These are just a few! Head on over to our website and do a search for the acreage and location that would serve your needs best!

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