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So I asked my husband if we had any plans for this weekend. He said, ?No, not that I can think of?? I said, ?Really? It?s Valentine's weekend!? Well, then I had to convince him that it was this weekend and not next weekend. Maybe he was just pulling my chain, who knows! But don?t be like him!! Have a plan for your special someone this weekend! I thought this was the perfect opportunity to list some of the nicer, sit-down restaurants around us. I didn?t want to focus on the chain eateries, so I stuck to locally owned and operated varieties. While most of these are not fancy or romantic in the dining experience, they do offer, in my humble opinion, great food! And who knows, maybe they will create a special dining experience just for their patrons this weekend!

Angel?s Fine Dining
146 S Macon St Jesup, GA
(912) 427.9123

340 Northview Dr Jesup, GA
(912) 427-3330

362 N 1st St Jesup, GA
(912) 427-3855

Oishii Japanese Restaurant
323 US Hwy 301 S Jesup GA
(912) 415-7060

Captain Joes
2686 Savannah Hwy Jesup GA
(912) 427-7729
(click the link for other locations)

Reedy Creek
260 Clifford Jones Rd Screven GA
(912) 579-6673

Reeal Barbecue

3005 US Hwy 84 Blackshear GA
(912) 281-1294

Fancy Q?s Sushi Bar & Grill
514 Mary St Waycross GA
(912) 548-1540

I have dined at all of these establishments and have enjoyed my meal at each one. Most of them have 4 and 5 star reviews on Google. I would love to hear from some of you about your favorite places to eat in our hometown area. While I found more restaurants, I wanted to stick with the ones with which I am familiar. However, I am always eager to try new places, much to my husbands chagrin! But he is always so sweet to oblige me in my endeavors to experience new food! So comment and let me know where you like to eat!

**No endorsements were paid by any of these restaurants. Each experience is different and what is written is the sole opinion of the author!
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