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The Beach? There is nothing like sitting on the sand and relaxing to the gentle ebb and flow of those waves. It?s almost like it?s washing all the worries away. I think the biggest downside to this is that apparently we must face reality again. The sun sets, the chill comes and it?s time to pack up the beach chair and book and head home. 

But what if your home was a coastal property? And you could live right there at the edge of that peaceful bliss? I would say that was a little piece of heaven here on earth! 

There are some cons to living on the coast. Not too many, but one being that everyday would seem like a vacation and it would be difficult to work in that state of mind. But look at the pros that come with owning a coastal property? Your home will have a higher value. It?s a fact. If you have a home on the coast, your value will only increase. You will also have close proximity to tourist attractions, so there is always something to do. And you will have better neighborhoods. Crime rates are typically lower in coastal areas. 

We have several coastal properties listed and would love to showcase them. One of the neighborhoods is Sutherland Bluff Plantation. There are several lots available here with many amenities. You have a community dock, community clubhouses, tennis courts, and golf course. It?s the perfect place for whatever recreational venture you may want to undertake. And to add icing to the cake, the beauty and charm of the place is just what the artist ordered. The draping moss on the oaks and shaded drives make the perfect atmosphere in this gorgeous community. So whether you are looking for a place to retire, vacation destination, or a place you want to call your home, you should give these properties a look. 

We also have a few other coastal properties. You can find them here on our website. Go ahead and click on over and give these properties a look. If you don?t see something you like, let us know. Maybe we can help you find the perfect piece of property that will meet all your needs. 

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