Volatile Market Makes Land More Attractive to Investors

Volatile Market Makes Land More Attractive to Investors - article image

How many times have we read the headlines: ?The Dow dropped sharply this morning?? If nothing, the stock market has proven its instability over the years. With ups and downs throughout its history we can never really rest assured in how our investment dollars will fare. Most recently we have the Brexit effect. The Wall Street Journal gives us insight here on how that volatile situation is playing out. An article in USA TODAY states ?The path forward for stocks and other risk assets will continue to be rocky and could drag on as the political uncertainty in the U.K. and EU drags on.? See more from that article here.

So how do we find our way out of the stock market roller coaster and find something more stable to grow our investment dollars and diversify our portfolio? We look to timber investments. The Foresight Investor did an excellent job on educating us about timber investment and how it performs compared to the S&P 500. You can read that article here. Timber investment is a long term investment that will give you an assured and great return. The forecast for timber investment, due to various reasons, is on a steady incline. Whether it's because of the decrease in timber supply from Canada, the fact that land is an appreciating asset, or other various reasons the forecast is promising. The article concluded that ?With its relatively low risk characteristics timber is an ideal holding for the long term investor.? (Foresight Investor)

At Carter Group it is a priority to help our clients achieve their investment goals. This business was built on the principles of a strong work ethic, experience, and integrity. I personally have over 25 years experience in land investment and have gained extensive knowledge about land values and market trends which enables me to adequately represent my clients whether they be first time buyers or multibillion dollar investors. I am passionate about matching the perfect properties with the perfect investors. I want to help you find stability in your investments while you diversify your long term portfolios. 

If you are ready to add timberland or other land to your investment portfolio, I am here to guide you through the process and to help you maximize your return on investment. I'm waiting for your call!

Some tracts to consider... 

941 Acre River Timberland Tract

105 Acre Investment in Ben Hill

91 Acres in Alamo, GA

115 Acres in Ware County

213 Acres Screven GA

See all of our timberland tracts here...

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