Its a New Year for New Adventures!

Its a New Year for New Adventures! - article image

Twenty-sixteen! It amazes me that another year has flown by and we are left in the dusty trail of 2015. But it?s a new year, a new book, our first chapter and it's a time to try new things! Which is exactly on my to-do list this year! 

I actually started that to-do list at the end of last year! My family has started a tradition of a weekend getaway starting the day after Christmas every year. I love this time together. Our year is so busy between work and kids activities and church and just plain everyday responsibilities. This is our time to regroup as a family and just enjoy each other in an environment free of the normal routine. This year we took a trip to DurhamTown Off Road Resort. It?s a spread of over 6000 acres up in Union Point, GA. It changed my perspective on what ?recreational? property truly can be! 

This ATV park had trails and tracks set up throughout the 6000+ acres. And lucky for us it had rained the week before we arrived! For all you ATV fans I?m sure you can imagine the muddy adventures we had! Our family has a mule (not the four legged kind) that the entire family can ride in. Helmets were required (much to my displeasure, but my kiddos loved the full faced ones!) We spent hours riding through the property, up the hills, spinning in the mud, and stopping along the way to take in the beauty of the land! I think our favorite part was the race track we rode. You had to go through the whole track without stopping at a rate of 25 mph or more. Can you hear the kids saying, ?Let?s do it again, daddy!?? Yep, they did! It had curves and hills that made your tummy flip and your breath catch? and at that moment it hit me? so this is a recreational investment! 

I have been marking properties as ?recreational? for over a year and I had some idea in my head that this meant you could hunt or fish or ride your ATVs, but this trip opened my eyes to a whole new world of recreational properties. It?s a place where families and friends come together to forget the cares of life for just a moment and find enjoyment in the land God has given us. A place where you can bond and laugh and just be for a little while before we have to return to our everyday lives. 

Have you experienced any recreational properties? Do you desire to have one of your own? Comment and let me know about your favorite experience on a recreational property. Is it something you get to do often or only occasionally? I?d love to hear about it!

As for me and my family? I see more ATVs in the near future. My kids have already picked out some four-wheelers just their size! We plan to bond like this more often! It?s something we can enjoy together and after all, being with family more is on top of our to-do list this year and this is a fun, carefree way to accomplish that!  

Twenty-sixteen is a new book and I hope we can write many more adventurous chapters! What will you do with your blank pages this year?

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