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This time of year always brings with it memories of those who have passed from this life to the next. I?m no exception; my mom has been front and center of my mind. It?s been 8 years since she left us, but Christmas was my mom?s favorite time of year. She passed along many traditions and family recipes that I?m still trying to imitate in her absence. The spirit of giving dwelled in her and she lived and breathed to bring some little joy into another person?s life by what she gave them. Sometimes this was through gifts, but often times she would cook for someone who was less fortunate and deliver a weeks worth of meals to them, or maybe cook some pecan pies and give them to those she knew couldn?t afford to make their own. And sometimes, it was simply the gift of time. She would just stop by or call someone up during this lonely time of year to say she was thinking about them and listen to them talk for a bit.

 Thoughts of what she gave of herself made me think of the things that were hers that I cherish to this day. I took some of her clothing and had all of us a quilt made and that blanket is still comfort to me when I?m missing her. This was the property she had that was passed on to me and it?s something I can keep and pass on to my children, even now they cherish the ?Granny Blanket? and we often sit piled together on the couch sharing this comfort.

 So in thinking of inheritance and what we will pass on to our children, I wonder if this is something you have thought about this season? We can always leave things and of course the memories that we make together, but I'm left wondering what can I leave that will keep on giving? So my mind turned to land and/or "the old home place". Giving land as an inheritance is a great gift to children and grandchildren. To have the land and/or home of one?s childhood can bring back many memories and offer much comfort to those left here after your passing. If you haven?t thought about investing in property in this way, maybe it?s something you should give some thought to. Maybe you want to find that perfect home site that you can make into your estate and grow many memories for your family. Having an anchor and a place to call home even when we leave to begin our own lives is something most of us long to hold onto.

 Why don?t you head on over to the website and browse around? Whether you are looking for an established home to make your own or a piece of land to grow into a home site, we have some that may interest you! Maybe it?s the right time to think of giving that gift that keeps on giving to those we love. 

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