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When we consider investing our first thought is stocks or bonds or maybe even gold. However, investment properties should be on the top of the list and can diversify your portfolio. There are many different types of investment property. The loose definition would be any property purchased with the intent of profiting from it. Let?s talk about some of the ways that properties can become profitable for you.

First we have investors who just want to purchase property, hold on to it until prices go up and then resale the property. If you don?t want a lot of energy investment and have a little time on your hands this could be the investment you are looking for.

There are also those who want to flip their property. This simply means one purchases, improves the property, and then resells at a higher price. So in purchasing a home, that simply means remodeling. or with a land purchase one could then plant trees, divide the property, or create a hunter?s paradise, and then sell this property at a profit. 

Maybe you want a residual monthly income from your investment, so you purchase an apartment complex, a second home or a commercial property. One could even purchase timberland or farm land and rent to hunters, farmers, or straw companies.

Lastly, there is Timberland Investments. One purchases timberland, either managed natural timber or timber farms, and the timber is harvested and sold. The property is then sold as is, replanted, or repurposed and sold as something else entirely. 

We've only covered a few, but as you can see there are many ways to create profit from the properties in which you carefully choose to invest. Take a look at some of the properties we have listed below to find your perfect investment property to add to your portfolio.

93 Acres Wayne County

105 Acres Ben Hill County

311 Acres Clinch County

55 Acres Pierce County

Apartment Complex Glynn County

Storage Units Long County

You can search our entire property inventory on our website! Go take a look and give us a call! We would love to talk to you about it!

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