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We live in a day and age with a lot of uncertainty. We are still in the middle of the global COVID-19 pandemic. It seems like there are new rumors about another housing bubble and possible stock market crash every day. Our political climate, and some would say our society itself, is divided like never before. All of these things, and more, are constantly bombarding us as we attempt to go about our daily lives. 

Most of us would agree that we long for simpler days. We yearn for the happy memories of days gone by. We are looking for a way to get out of the rat race that we are currently in. For many of us, this might mean simply turning off the 24 hour news and picking up a book. For some of us it might mean switching to a new job. For others it might mean something as drastic as physically removing themselves from their current situations and placing themselves into a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle.

Relocate Rural is a series of articles and videos about how one family is working to achieve the goal of simplifying their lives and creating an environment that harkens back to a simpler time. 

Who We Are

My name is Kyle Cato. I’m the Broker here at Carter Group Real Estate. I’ve been selling land for a living since 2006. Over the last couple of years my wife, Megan, and I began to talk about what we could do to create a safer and more enjoyable living situation for us and our two children. We had been discussing this on and off and had even gone as far as talking about it with my wife’s parents. They were also interested in this idea, so a plan was hatched for us to all sell our houses, buy a piece of land together, and develop it to suit our needs. We are going to attempt to document this process for you here in the hope that you will find this information helpful as you seek to simplify your life. 

Where We Were

This was our previous home. It was located on 2.92 acres at the end of the road in a private subdivision. Many of you are thinking, “Wow, this would be perfect,” and you might be right. You see, we all have a different definition of privacy and a different idea about how much space we need. What feels busy and cramped to some of us, may be perfect for the rest. The truth was, we loved our home, we loved our neighbors, we loved the proximity to town. The problem was, we didn’t have the room to do the things we wanted to do outside. We wanted more room for our kids to play, more room to garden, more room for our chickens to free range. Simply put, we wanted more room! 

It just so happened, that I know a guy that could find the space that we needed. That guy was me.

What We Wanted

There are many reasons to consider relocating to a rural tract of land. In fact, I have outlined 10 Reasons to Relocate to Rural Land in a previous article that I have made a part of this series. For us there were a number of reasons. We wanted to have more land for our kids to play on. We wanted more privacy and the freedom to possibly have more animals in the future. We enjoy working on projects together and thought this would be a great experience for us and our children. It was important for us to do this while our kids are still young so we can teach them what it’s like to put in a hard days work. These are only a few of the reasons, but you can already see that we really put a lot of thought into this move.

What's the Plan

So what is the point of all this? We hope to be able to show you how to buy a tract of rural land, then show you how you can develop it for your use. We’ll show you the correct steps to take so that you can build on it. We plan to build a barndominium as well as a stick built home, so we can walk you through both of those processes. We will be living full time in a fifth wheel camper while we work on the property, so we may even share a few camping tips along the way. We will also be creating a garden and planting lots of fruit trees. Our goal is to work hand in hand with nature to create a place that our family can enjoy for generations. Follow along with us as we move forward in this process.

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