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In my formative years, business and party event venues were allocated to places like hotels and conference halls while weddings were most often held at churches. In recent years past we have seen this trend changing. Businesses are reserving spaces at lodges and pond houses to have a more open and welcoming environment for their business gatherings. Couples are opting for outdoor spaces and barns for their weddings. These non-traditional venues are on the rise. We have a few here in town. Some that come to mind would be Under the Chandelier, The Barn at Live Oak Ranch, Forrest Pond Lodge, and for smaller events, even our Train Depot has a meeting room they rent. 


When I saw this home hit the market my very first thought was a Wedding Venue. The beautiful architecture brings a sense of the Antebellum Estates found on plantations during the Civil War Era. The upstairs and downstairs porches with their massive columns look like the perfect wedding photo op! 

Antebellum Estate, Endless Possibilities image
Antebellum Estate, Endless Possibilities image
Antebellum Estate, Endless Possibilities image

The grounds are massive and a ceremony location would be beautiful right in front of the lake behind the grand home. The massive rooms are ideal for his and her dressing rooms. My imagination can see a glowing bride descending those stairs as the wedding party looks at her beauty. The kitchen is well equipped and would offer caterers the perfect place from which to prep and serve the reception Hors d’oeuvres and meals. 

Antebellum Estate, Endless Possibilities image
Antebellum Estate, Endless Possibilities image

I could also envision the happy couple renting the home for the entire weekend, hosting bachelor or bachelorette parties by the pool. This home could be an all-inclusive wedding venue. 

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I imagine other events here as well. Thinking outside of the box, it would make a great weekend conference venue for a small group. House your guests, provide a bed and breakfast experience, opportunities for relaxation at the pool or down by the lake, and close enough to town for any forgotten amenities. This could be the ladies' book club, the college friends reunion, the work focus group, the yearbook planning committee. The list of possibilities just grows as I’m thinking about the groups that could benefit from a space like this. 

Antebellum Estate, Endless Possibilities imageAntebellum Estate, Endless Possibilities imageAntebellum Estate, Endless Possibilities image

Speaking of bed and breakfast, can’t you see it? Hosting up to 3 guests at a time in the massive rooms. It would provide a beautiful reprieve from the busy, loud world we live in. Create respite areas by the lake, fishing opportunities, nature trails. The pool would be a great place to gather for the evening meal. 

Antebellum Estate, Endless Possibilities image

And of course, this could always be a Home Sweet Home for someone looking for the acreage and amenities and size this home offers. The plethora of opportunities in this property makes it a great investment. Dreamers dream and this property is the perfect opportunity for a dreamer to build their future. Create the home or venue you’ve always wanted. 

Want to learn more about this beautiful property? Check out the details here

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