Altama Plantation has a New Destiny

Altama Plantation has a New Destiny - article image

Altama Plantation, located just outside of Brunswick at the intersection of Interstate 95 and Georgia Highway 99, began its journey in the late 1700s when William Hopeton of South Carolina was awarded a grant for about 2000 acres from the King of England. He created Hopeton Plantation, which produced cash crops of rice and cotton. This Southeast Georgia plantation passed through several hands and was nearly destroyed by flooding during the Civil War.  You can read more about the history at the end of this article. But this property, which has grown to a 4,000-acre tract, has been purchased by the State of Georgia and will become a haven for threatened and endangered species, including wildlife and plant species. This is a drastic change to the previous owners intention of creating home sites and shops. This article goes into much detail about the process the property is undergoing and gives a timeline of the plantation?s history. It?s a very interesting read in which we locals from Southeast Georgia can identify.  

The plantation was opened in December 2015 to hunters with the hunters checking in with DNR so they could establish information about the herds on the plantation. According to an article in The Brunswick News, conservation efforts will continue and following the hunts, which ended Jan 10, 2016 the general public will be allowed to participate in other activities on the plantation such as hiking and biking.  We find that we are excited that the State has invested in this historical property and intends to conserve our threatened and endangered species.  You can read the full article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution here.

Carter Group sells land in the Southeast Georgia area and we would love to be involved in helping with a conservation effort. We currently have properties along the Satilla River in Brantley County that would make a great conservatory investment. If this is something that you would love to invest in, get in touch and lets talk about it! Connecting the right people with the right investment property is what we do!

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