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It has come to our attention that our congressmen can help protect Georgia's communities from Coal Ash. Congressman Hank Johnson has proposed the Coal Ash Landfill Safety Bill (H.R. 4827). This bill is the first step to protecting citizens from dangerous coal ash that has been disposed of in landfills which are unable to handle this toxic, heavy metal waste.

It is our job to do what we can to help protect our environment, our homes, our health, our way of life. Benjamin Franklin said it best, "Words may show a man's wit, but actions his meaning." It's easy for us to speak how we feel but our words need actions behind them. Please join us in proactively contacting our U. S. Representatives. Protect Georgia has set up this form that will allow you to email each representative with one click! Or you may print the letter and mail it. It also gives you the option to tweet some of the representatives on Twitter. 

At the bottom of the form you may click "Write your U. S. Representative" and it will take you to an email form and auto populate it with this wording,

Please protect Georgia communities by passing the Coal Ash Landfill Safety Bill this session.

In response to public outcry, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized federal regulations to guide coal ash disposal in 2014.  The new federal protections are leading some power companies to make plans to close coal ash ponds.  But instead of providing new protections the coal ash rule requires, the companies are choosing to move this toxic waste to municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills that are exempt from the rule. Dumping toxic coal ash in MSW landfills leaves our health and the environment without adequate protections.  MSW dumps lack critical safeguards ensuring transparency and protecting communities' air and water from coal ash exposure and contamination. 

The U.S. Congress should hear the concerns of our communities, which deserve the minimum protections established by EPA's coal ash rule. H.R.4827, The Coal Ash Landfill Safety Act,  would require public disclosure of coal ash dust prevention measures; relevant groundwater monitoring; and prohibit disposal of coal combustion residuals within five feet of groundwater. 

The task is simple.  If coal ash will be dumped in Georgia, our communities deserve the protections provided by the federal coal ash rule and nothing less. This is why I urge you to protect our community's health and private properties by co-sponsoring H.R.4827.  This bill is an opportunity for both sides of the isle to stand together for Georgia's environment, which is critical for healthy communities like mine and our economic future.

Or you may put your address in the boxes and compose your own message. Either way, this is an easy and necessary step to helping protect our community from the coal ash dumping. Please share this with all of your friends. Even out of town family and friends can help us fight to have this bill passed! The deadline is May 30, 2016 so please get the word out! Just in case you missed the link at the top of the article, here it is again. Just click here and it will take you to the Protect Georgia website!

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