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We just want to take this opportunity to welcome our own Christy Carter to the Wayne Chamber. She is wife to our owner, Ryker Carter, and we are overjoyed at having her home. Christy has been a resident of Wayne for a couple of years but after her move here she continued in her position at the Brunswick Golden Isles Chamber as Director of Membership Services. While we know she will be missed at the Brunswick Chamber, we have gained a Director that will bring great ideas and enthusiasm to our community. I know she is excited to establish relationships and offer a voice for our businesses. You can get to know her at the Member Appreciation Luau Dinner this Thursday, May 12. 

Christy enjoys spending time with her husband, their four daughters and her fur babies. She enjoys outdoor activities and she has been a fantastic host at company events. We know working closer to home will afford her more time to do the activities she loves. It's definitely a win-win. Our community will be blessed by her talents and skill set. 

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