108 Acres with a River and Natural Forest Create Perfect Environment for Camping

108 Acres with a River and Natural Forest Create Perfect Environment for Camping - article image
In todays world of technology it would seem that camping may have become a lost art. It's something I have always longed to do but I really don't know how to do it. I need a good camping partner that knows the ins and outs and can protect me from the dangerous critters! It's on my bucket list and it will happen one day. Until then, I live vicariously and I've been reading up on the benefits of camping. Apparently, there are many health benefits to unplugging and relocating to a natural environment for a few days. According to the Eureka! Camping Blog in their article 10 Health Benefits of Camping we learn the obvious things like, more sunshine, more exercise, and fresh air.  However, they take it a step further and talk about the benefits we might not see, like the leveling of melatonin that might help us sleep better and have better moods, the lowering of stress levels and improvement of memory because of the intimate socialization with family or friends. Of course, they do mention the studies that say doing new challenges can improve brain health, too. So, in my list of pros and cons I'm learning that there are a lot of pluses to getting on the trail and camping under God's canopy. I have two things on the "con" list so far - bugs and the absence of a potty! It is questionable that I could survive those cons, but I love living on the edge!

We have a Featured property this week that would make the perfect camping spot! It's a 108 acres on Humpback Road in Hortense, Georgia. Ya'll look at that picture!

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108 Acres Humpback Rd image
Doesn't it look like the perfect place to pitch your tent and catch your supper? It may not be the perfect spot, but remember I'm a novice and to me it looks pretty perfect! :) 

This property has 4000 feet of river frontage on the Little Satilla River and it's forests are made up of a natural stand of hardwoods and pines. It has easy access with a county maintained dirt road. But guess what? There is no electricity running to this property right now which makes it the true "get-away-from-it-all" opportunity! With those gorgeous trees and the flowing water I can just imagine there is a good bit of wild life to be seen or even hunted out there. 

So I'm wondering... If you are the lucky new owner of this property, what are the chances that me and my two boys could go camping out there? I might just be ready to throw all caution to the wind and go sleep under the stars!

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This is a large land area, suitable for ecological housing projects close to nature.

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