It's a Great Time of Year to Buy Some Farm Land

It's a Great Time of Year to Buy Some Farm Land - article image
Well farmers, the 2016 harvest is a wrap, and we are well into 2017 at this point. We hope you had a successful year last year and as a result you are starting to look for that next fantastic piece of farm land. Carter Group Real Estate has you covered. We've got a large selection of farm land properties available. 

Wether you are looking for a row crop farm that is already in cultivation or you have the capability to convert the land yourself we have tracts of all types. We have several properties listed that you could begin to plant your crops on right away. We have also listed many tracts with pine trees that could be immediately harvested and the land could be converted to cultivation. We also have a selection of properties that are suitable for pine straw production. 

Organic farming is becoming more and more in demand. We have a large property for sale that is already permitted as an organic farm. This tract is located in a great area for any type of crop that you would like to grow. 

Gentleman farms are also very popular right now. These are hobby farms usually consisting of 20-50 acres that give their owners many options for their end use. A gentleman farmer may decide to plant row crops, raise cattle, or simply use the land recreationally. These have become very popular as retirement locations with many people simply wanting to transition to a more simple way of life.

Whatever you are looking for, we would love the opportunity to help you find your next farm. Please let us know how we can help you.

Available Farm Land

225 Acres Organic Farm
350 Acres in Toombs County on Cobbs Creek
70 Acres Bacon County
32 Acres Beautiful Pastureland
Click Here for all available Farm Land Listings

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