This Home in the Country Has Come to Town!

This Home in the Country Has Come to Town! - article image

So I've been struggling this week with covetousness! Yes, I know we aren't supposed to do that! But this house! Y'all! It just makes me want it! Not because it's "my neighbors" or for any other reason other than it is gorgeous! The layout, the materials, the brightness! It's what I want in a home! I quickly messaged my husband and told him if we ever decide to build a home, this is pretty much what I want! Sent him the pictures, the video, everything. His response? "OK". That's it, just okay? I chuckle at that because, well, you just have to know my husband! A man of few words... 

But back to the house... You can see more info about the house on our website... 


This home, built in 2007, has been completely redone on the inside! It has hard wood flooring, custom Cabinetry by Wasdin Cabinets, SPACE! I'm talking 3000 square feet of space! The wrap-a-round porch is so inviting as is the deck off the back of the house. It's beautifully located on a 10 acre tract that includes a pond. It's perfect to spread out, build that equine barn or fence in some cattle. There are so many possibilities here that I get dreamy thinking about it!

So tell me, would you love to have this home? What would you do with the 10 acres surrounding you? 


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