Replanting Our Trees Breathes Life Into Our Environment

Replanting Our Trees Breathes Life Into Our Environment - article image

Trees. They are our breath. They are our health. They are necessary for our food. Trees do for the outside what your green plants do for the inside. They breathe oxygen into our air and soak up the CO2 to help our climate stay consistently the same. The benefits of having trees around runs long. The TreePeople list the Top 22 Benefits of Trees in their blog post. Some of this list are the norm, such as I've mentioned already. We already knew it helps keep things cooler and shaded. It makes sense they protect us from UV rays. But some of these I definitely haven't thought of. Such as making neighborhoods safer and a decrease in symptoms for ADHD children who are exposed to trees. Go ahead and click the link to read the full article on the benefits of having trees around. 

I mentioned the above to let you know the importance of replanting once trees have been harvested. We harvest trees for all sorts of reasons. We use them for weapons and tools and paper and pencils. We build houses and create works of art with these trees.The gamut of what we can produce from a tree runs way too long to list here. I even remember visiting the paper mill on a grade school field trip and they told us they used parts of the tree to make ice cream. I know, right? So technically we eat parts of the tree, too! So when we take them down and use them up we must be responsible to replant and grow more so that we can breathe safer and stay cooler. We have  a tract for sale, 137 acres, ready to be replanted right now. The trees have been harvested and the soil on this tract is perfect for growing trees. 


Some hardwood drains were left in tact on this tract of land and they continue to host abundant wildlife. If you are a hunter you could turn this tract into an ideal hunting location. At less than $1000 per acre, you could definitely replant, grow the value of the tract and make this a great investment piece. There are many options on what to do with this cutover tract. Dream Big. Replant. Breathe new life into this piece of valuable soil!


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