Timberland Located Where the Ways Cross

Timberland Located Where the Ways Cross - article image
Waycross, Georgia. A little town in Southeast Georgia that has a lot of history! After going through several name changes it was settled in 1874 that the town would be called Way Cross because of how it's located at a key railroad junction. Lines from six directions meet at this little community. Another trivia fact is that the Bubba Burger was born right here in this locale! Who knew? The Bubba Burger is now sold nationwide, it's personally my favorite brand of frozen burger and I didn't even know it was created next door to me! 

An even better fact is that this location is known for it's great timberland tracts. And we have one up for grabs right now! Today we are highlighting the 104 acre tract just outside of Waycross. 75 acres of it is covered in merchantable timber thats 20 plus years old making this a great investment tract. This tract also includes some nice hardwood areas making it suitable for wild game or a recreational retreat. Farming is great in this area too and this tract could be converted to cultivation and a nice homestead. 


It offers many possibilities. The property has ease of access through a paved road as well as a dirt road. There is power on the property so that will save you some money and time at startup. This property is a must see. If you have been shopping around and searching for a perfect land for investment, this may be the one you want to stop and peruse a bit longer.  


If you are ready to become a part of history where the Ways Cross, then you might want to look around and see if any of these properties speak home to you!

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