This Tract Offers Scenic Views, Merchantable Timber and Ashburn, GA

This Tract Offers Scenic Views, Merchantable Timber and Ashburn, GA - article image

So we have this jewel listed that sits in Turner County. Most of our tracts are in the southeastern part of Georgia. So having a mid-Georgia tract piqued my curiosity. We are excited to expand our service area. Turner County has less than 10,000 people according to Wikipedia. The majority of its 289 square miles is comprised of land with only a little over 4 square miles being water. With the average temperatures ranging from 50 degrees to 82 degrees and its geographical location putting it between beaches and mountains, Ashburn sounds like a great place to lay down some roots. 

Besides it?s convenient geography, Ashburn is know for a few other things as well. The ?World?s Largest Peanut? attraction was built here in 1975.  According to Roadside America it is a symbol of Ashburn?s local enterprise. Other noteworthy events in Ashburn include the Fire Ant Festival, Sausage and Music Festival and the Crime & Punishment Museum. The Turner County Chamber hails their home town as coveted hunting and fishing grounds as well. Which brings us to our featured property, a 90 acre hunting haven. 

This tract offers so much tranquility. It?s hidden in rural Ashburn making it a great private location for those wanting to get away. It comes with a cypress cabin that sits right in the middle of the property and is surrounded by trees and trees and more trees. Some are planted pine and have an estimated value of $70,000. The rustic abode has a loft bedroom and several bunkbeds downstairs. The back porch is the place I would want to be. It overlooks the pine plantation and a beautiful food plot which will showcase the wildlife on the property. I?d have my coffee, build a little fire and just gaze into the distance waiting for nature?s beauty to walk through. 

The property has other perks, including a pole barn and a pine straw lease that currently brings in nearly $4000 per year. If you want more specifics go ahead and click over to see the deets on this 90 acres on Mead Rd. You?ll see more of these gorgeous aerial shots of the property along with a some pics from the ground view. If you have questions or would like to go see this Hunting Haven, give Ryker a call at 912.294.0335. 

Our goal is to help our customers and clients invest in what lasts!

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