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We procured a new property on the market this week. It's always bitter sweet to see properties like this go up for sale. It's described as dating back over 100 years. Can you imagine the memories associated with this place? What do you suppose this tract looked like back in 1917? This would have been right around World War I when many farmers were asked to sign loyalty pledges because of widespread paranoia about German spies. I wonder if this farmer draped an American Flag on his plow while he worked as a symbol of his loyalty. 

I'd like to imagine this landowner breezing through the depression era because he was self-sustained with his crops. I bet he helped his neighbors too because being neighborly was standard in those times. 

We could think about the many years that came and went with this property as it was passed from one generation to the next. There are probably too many memories to even pen. But one thing is sure, this land has provided for this family and their descendants for many years. It has been home, safety, shelter, food and livelihood for more than one man as he endeavored to care for his family. And now it will be passed to a new family who will make their own memories and provide for their own families for the next few generations. 

CATCH A GLIMPSE OF IT HERE. The cultivation and pastures on this property offer beautiful vistas and many opportunities for the gentleman farmer. It sits in the midst of other farms and woodlands offering seclusion and plenty of space to build the property of your dreams. Whether you continue only the cultivation or create a haven for your dream home, this property can give you many moons of tranquility and a magnitude of memories. 

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