Summertime and Ice-cream

Summertime and Ice-cream  - article image

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream!?"

Who remembers this chant from your grade school days? Hands raised here! Summertime begs us to go to our local ice-cream parlor for a delicious treat or to go to the local grocery for your fave brand in the freezer section! Just yesterday I bought a tub of vanilla and some chocolate syrup to treat my boys to a homemade milkshake! Yum!

So I thought I?d take a minute and share a few of our local ice cream shops in Jesup! If you haven?t frequented these places, maybe it?s time you take a break and splurge just a little!

Of course, we know about our old standbys like Micky D?s, Sonic and DQ! But I?m highlighting the parlors around here and first on the short list is Cafe Euro! Its such a friendly, laid back environment just begging you to come in, relax and cool off for awhile! They also have free Wi-Fi for their guests which makes it incredibly convenient to work, browse and enjoy your creamy treat! They have plenty of flavors and serving vessels to choose from! My boys love the SuperMan ice-cream! This is a great place to come together with the family where there is something for everyone! And for those on the run they now have Online ordering so you can swing in and pick it up!

The next location is just across the way, For the Love of Yogurt! They have 8 flavors to choose from everyday and they have such friendly service! They have a cute little setup just outside so that you can enjoy the open air or sit inside with the cool AC! They also have sugar-free and gluten-free for those with these special dietary needs. And toppings galore! From gummies (which I don?t understand why they go with ice cream/yogurt, but to each his own) to cookies, fruit to chocolate and nuts... so many choices to make it your own! Other options include Floats, Smoothies and Italian Cream Soda?s. 

So head on over and check these places out! They are both located right in downtown on or just off of Cherry St! Can?t miss them! I?ve also linked the their websites above (Just click on the business name) and you can see a menu and all that they offer.  

Happy Summer!

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