Proof is in the Progress

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Real recovery is taking place in the real estate industry. With strategic marketing and key realtors in place, the members of Carter Group Real Estate are pleased to see their efforts paying off. Land and home sales have increased in the last couple of months with Carter Group turning in 13 closings in 7 weeks, reflecting an astonishing amount of $2,160,000.00 in sales.

We, at CGRE, are grateful to say that we are picking up new listings weekly and sometimes daily. People ask us over and over: ?What are you doing so differently than others?? We humbly reply, ?we just focus on the most beneficial places to market our listings and focus on doing our very best?. We have a team of hardworking individuals who strive towards the same things: customer service and customer satisfaction. We watch the market and as it changes, we change. We try to remain flexible and implement what works, whether it be the same old way or something new. We are fortunate to have several amazing agents, including some ?oldies? and ?newbys?. So if land is for sale, we know about it. If someone wants to buy it, we know about it.

Sales trends appear to remain steady with recreational land, timber, and farm tracts being the most sought after. We take that and run with it. We will continue to work hard and give God the glory for our blessings. 13 closings in less that 2 months, is certainly a blessing in this day and time. We?re proud to see things turning around. If you need a property sold or if you are in the market to buy, give us a call. We would appreciate your business. For more info, visit our website at Invest in What Lasts!

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