Lakeside Living Creates Memories to be Cherished

Lakeside Living Creates Memories to be Cherished - article image

I have a memory. A memory of laughter, singing, fire light, and contentment. A memory that brings warmth to my soul and a longing to relive the moment. This memory happened at a lakeside home of a friend, a friend that thinks of us as family. A friend we think of us family, too. I suppose it was the company more than the location that brought about the sweetness of this memory, but the ambience of the shimmering lake just beyond the light of the fire blazing in the fire pit gives beauty to the memory that won?t soon be forgotten.

We were invited to a Thanksgiving get together with these family friends. I can see my baby boy, about 4 years old at the time, playing with his truck at the little sandpit our friend had built. I say built, it was really just a pile of sand he dumped for his son?s pleasure. It was a favorite play site when we went to visit. I can see my 6 year old standing on the dock with our friend as he?s teaching him how to cast his rod. Of course, there were never any fish on the hook that he so quickly pulled from the water after each cast. But it was fun trying and learning and for me, watching. There is something warming about seeing others take up time with my children and teaching them things I have no clue about. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I certainly think that is a true proverb. 

A home by the lake can offer so much more than just shelter. It can be a place where you gather family and friends and create memories. Or maybe you just need a reprieve after a long week at the office. A lakeside home is perfect for such quiet moments. We have some homes with waterfront, ready to offer you the peace and R&R that you deserve!



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