Happy Hunting, Make a List and Check it Twice

Happy Hunting, Make a List and Check it Twice - article image

Sitting in the quiet of the early morning with dew still on the ground and the horizon peaking orange just beyond the tree line brings a certain satisfaction to the hunter waiting for his prey. Looking around at the property that he sits on brings him a little bit of pride as he ponders the idea that this property is his and these deer can be hunted the way he wants to hunt. No more pesky club rules to follow. There is fulfillment in working the land and creating the perfect habitat for one?s hunting pleasure. But he didn?t just start out knowing how to get this tract and create what he wanted in a piece of hunting property. He did his homework and followed due diligence so that this piece of dirt could be his and bring many years of satisfaction. 

Buying a piece of hunting property should be approached with knowledge and some friends on your side. First, it?s important to know what you need to look for in a tract to know if it?s valuable for hunting grounds. Things to consider are location, layout of property and of course food and water for the wildlife. LandThink wrote an excellent article, A Beginner?s Guide to Buying Hunting Land  It outlines the important things which a buyer should look at before diving in to a purchase. There is much to consider about the land and the process.

Take a look at this article, First Steps to Buying Hunting Property. It gives much more detail about the process from ?knowing your number,? lenders, and finding the right agent before it even delves into the property choices. This valuable information can save you lots of money. Especially when it comes to finding a knowledgable real estate agent that is experienced in land sales. 

I?d like to leave you with one more article that gives pertinent information in choosing the right hunting tract. Field & Stream published an article by Michael R Shea entitled Consider This Before Buying Hunting Property. The author details how he almost let the size of the property and the ?great deal? on the land influence him in purchasing a property that would not have been ?the right one?. He enlisted advise from an advisor that has experience in buying and selling and drafting management plans. The 142 acres he thought he could hunt on only proved to be about 50 acres usable hunting land. 

Making a list and checking it twice might be something of a cliche, but when purchasing a hunting property and knowing what you are getting, it just might be the best thing you can do. Following these guidelines, someday in the near future you might find yourself walking out on your own hunting land feeling the pride and satisfaction of owning that piece of dirt and knowing the fulfillment that comes with it!

Here are the hunting properties we have available. 


Take a peak. When you are ready to get started in the process head on over to the ABOUT section of our webpage and get in touch with any of our several land specialist who will be glad to help you walk through your list and find the perfect hunting property. 

Happy Hunting!

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