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FISHING? defined as ?the act of catching fish?. It?s a favorite pastime for many in South Georgia. It?s something many of us were privileged to experience growing up. I loved ?going? fishing with my family to the rivers and ponds close to home and I have fond memories of fishing trips with  my grandparents on the coast. But I hated the ?act? of fishing! There were grimy, wiggly worms to impale and then God forbid if I actually left my line in long enough to catch one. The slimy critter just wouldn?t be still long enough for me to unhook him! I learned early on that the act of fishing was best left to those around me. I just wanted to go for the atmosphere. There were many days of riding in the back of my daddy?s truck (I know that tells my age, but we survived that era of seat belt-less open air travel) looking for the perfect fishing hole. Then we would set up our lawn chairs, fill the air with mosquito repellant, and be quiet and wait. They with their fishing lines submerged and me with my newest book. There is nothing more relaxing than that. The quiet chirping of birds and crickets and toads only interrupted when a fish was caught and we all cheered with excitement while he was strung and the hook re-baited. 

When I look back on these moments I?m filled with memory sensories of warmth from the sunshine along with smells of cold fried chicken and mosquito spray. It brings a smile to my face and makes me feel the love and camaraderie of family time with those I loved. This is what fishing means to me! 

We have many properties up for sale that would offer these opportunities to you and your family and friends. You could have your own spot on the sandbar of a river or fill your own pond with the fish you prefer. Where the tract is isn?t as important as with whom you share that space and time. Make memories with your kids and your grandkids. Create quality time with your spouse. If they just don?t like fishing, help them appreciate the atmosphere and the time spent together. If you are in the market for a new piece of dirt with recreational qualities, give these a look. Many are versatile and can be what you need them to be, but they all have a body of water to offer a reprieve from the daily busyness. Let?s go make some memories!

79 Riverfront Acres

Pond View Gentleman Farm

Beautiful 100 Acre Island on River

100 Acre Aged Farm

Satilla River Bluff Getaway

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