Dream of Farming Land? Dreams Sometimes Become Reality

Dream of Farming Land? Dreams Sometimes Become Reality - article image

So what exactly is a gentleman farmer? The The Free Dictionary gives several definitions, but the one I like the most simply states ?a wealthy man who farms for pleasure rather than for basic income.? This definition came about somewhere in the 18th century when true gentleman (those classified by their wealthy status and impeccable behavior) and who owned land began farming for pleasure. Over the years the term has likely taken on new meaning. I?m sure it may not be necessary to be independently wealthy to own your own gentleman farm. Just a little planning and saving in the right places will allow you to fulfill your desire to own a piece of dirt that you can call your own and cultivate to your pleasure! 

While we have several properties that could be a gentleman farm the one we are spotlighting today is the 115+ acres in Millwood Ga.

You can see this property here on our website.

This tract has approximately 10 acres of planted pine, 75 acres of uplands, and 40 acres of lowlands. There is good access on the south and east ends of the property. It has previously been used just for the timber and recreation. It can easily be converted to make a beautiful homesite or to make cultivated fields. The property is surrounded by other timberland tracts which gives this tract privacy and value.

I came across an article on ReTipster that gives 50 creative ways to use land. So if you aren?t into the gentleman farm, there are plenty other uses you can find for your piece of heaven. Granted some of these are questionable. I probably wouldn?t want to turn a beautiful agricultural tract into a parking lot or landfill, but you know, some things you have to take with a grain of salt, right? Glean what you can and discard the rest. You can see that article here and there really are some pretty good ideas in there, so give it a look!

If 115 acres isn?t enough for you, there is another tract south of this property that can be sold with it. Just over 47 acres in this piece. So if you are looking for a gentleman farm, a place to plant more pines, or just something for recreational purposes, this tract may offer something that will intrigue you. Get in touch with Brent, go see the property. Stand in the center and just let your imagination run with what this property could be. You just might catch the vision!

See the 47+ acres on our Website.

Other Possible Gentleman Farms on our Website

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