Boring Is As Boring Does!

Boring Is As Boring Does! - article image
So, have you looked up the definition of "boring" lately? Go ahead, google it, I'll wait right here... (waiting, strumming my fingers, humming a tune...)

Did you get it? Exactly! It is defined as "Not interesting, tedious" and its synonyms are "tedious, dull, monotonous, repetitive, unrelieved, unvaried, unimaginative, uneventful" and so on... how do you think that describes our town with a population of 10,302? I?m sure you have all seen the article floating around Facebook touting Jesup as one of the Top 10 Most Boring Cities.  If not, take a gander here! IMHO I think those statistics are based on one persons idea of excitement and fun! Boring is as boring does! Opportunities for community involvement are out there, you just have to find yourself being involved and taking advantage of them.

So, what is there to do in or near Jesup? There are plenty of things to keep us entertained in our city! We do have a Drive-In, right? Not many cities have that honor! And let's not forget all the recreational land and back roads where we hunt, fish, and ride our ATVs. With that said, we live in close proximity to many nice amenities. There are beaches, lakes, and rivers all around us! Who doesn't have fun in the sun with our toes in the sand? But I tried to hone in on what is available to us locally and that got me to thinking about different activities offered throughout the year, namely the festivals we have. These would include  The Dogwood Festival, The Arch Fest, Odum Day, and Fourth of July. And then I popped on over to the Wayne County Board of Tourism to see if they offered anything more in our humble community. And what do you know? A whole list of things to do from historical sights such as Doctortown to Competitions such as the Catfish Tournament and Southern Pride Ag Ride. There are plenty more on the list so just pop on over there and have a look at the attractions and events. And while your there, look at the SCENES to see some of the beauty in Jesup. 

So we may not have the night life that all those NOT so boring cities have, but we do have community and family and we can have FUN! And if per chance you want a little more to do, have a looksy at the Official Georgia Tourism & Travel Site. They list plenty of festivals and fairs to keep us busy all year and many of them are within an hour or two driving distance. Dublin celebrates the whole month of March! Hinesville has the Small World Festival which I think would be quite interesting. I only mentioned 2 of 151! There are so many more things to do. So take some of your boring Jesup friends and find someplace to have fun. Remember, boring is a choice... Choose FUN instead! 
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