Timber Investment Brings Great Dividends!

Timber Investment Brings Great Dividends! - article image

In our land descriptions you will often hear us talk about timber investment. Many read right over that and never stop to consider the dividends possible in this type of investment. Time and again we have heard of investors who buy the land and harvest the timber for twice what they paid for the land. Essentially, they own the land without it costing anything to invest because of the return they received. REtipster wrote a great article about these possibilities. Read TIMBER! A Guide to the Harvesting of Trees here. It really gives a lot of information on the different aspects of timber harvesting. It's an eye opener on all the little details that might make a difference in how you harvest the timber on your property or maybe on how you look for timberlands in which to invest.

I want to highlight the 243 Acre Timberland and Hunting Paradise we have listed in Ware County, GA.


The tract is located in the heart of timberland and hunting country. There is 141 Acres of 20+ year old pine timber! That makes this a prime piece of investment property. There is also an additional 30 acres of natural, hardwood forest found on this property adding more value. I did the math on this one. The property is listed at $394,875.00. That's approximately $1,625 per acre. Did you read that? Read it again. $1,625 PER ACRE. This investment property is priced right. 

If you have considered land investment, now is the time to make a decision. The land is good. The prices are good. We all know the market won't stay where it is now. Wait too long and your investment will cost you more or your return will be less. Mark Twain was right on the money when he said, "Invest in Land, they aren't making it anymore." This is one of the safest investment you could make with your money. 

Ryker is a land expert and has been in the business for more than 20 years. He treats his clients with integrity so you can trust his opinion on the properties you inquire about. I urge you to call him today and discuss your investment options. He will guide you in the right direction and help you find the perfect property to meet your investment needs. 


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