109 Acres, an Old Homesite and Timber Make This Aged Farm Desirable

109 Acres, an Old Homesite and Timber Make This Aged Farm Desirable  - article image

It began in 1944. This wood framed home has history. I’m not sure how much or for how long, but this farmland has memories that make this land cherished. The old home place probably saw many children run through the doors and many grow up to leave those same doors. It brought families together and saw families grow from those raised there. The land has grown crops for many years giving sustenance and income to the families living on this land.

The old home isn’t too much to speak about these days. While it is functional, it has succumbed to time and weather. If your sentimental you can invest in this home and bring it back to life. Or maybe your interested in beginning a new legacy here. One with your new home and making your own memories and farming the 20 acres of cultivated fields. Either way, the ready fields and the 60 acres of planted timber make this a great investment. 

With beautiful old barns and functional buildings on site, there is a place for your equipment and possibly the animals you may need to house. This property has given so much to the lives that lived here and has so much more to give to a new family, a new farmer, a new investor that sees the potential in this beautiful piece of dirt. Can’t you see your children running in the fields and plucking blueberries from the bushes and jumping to reach the pears from the trees already growing on site? With a little TLC, the pond here could make the best fishing hole for the kids. So much can be learned and taught with just a water hole and a fishing pole. 


There is nothing quite like growing up on a farm and feeling that fresh air and smelling the smells only a farm can have. It evokes memories from my childhood that I long to return to and share with my own kids. This property can offer that to you and more. This property won’t be on the market long. If you are a young farmer and dream of having your own farm, then this might be the time to put some legs on those dreams and see how far they will take you. 


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